Do not install the latest Windows 10 update: it can block your antivirus

Microsoft periodically releases patches to update its Windows 10 operating system. These updates bring improvements for users in different fields. However, the technology company has just warned that its latest patch has errors that can affect the security of your equipment, so it urges not to install it.

Microsoft has recommended to companies and other organizations that use the version of Windows 10 1809 for PC not to install the update of October 15, the second of this month. The problem lies, according to the same company, in that it causes security flaws in the devices that use Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

These failures could disable the tools of the ATP, the system’s serial antivirus, causing it to stop sending information to control the security of the device.

“The ATP service could stop running and sending report data. Error 0xc0000409 may also appear in the MsSense.exe Event Viewer,” they explained from Microsoft.

The patch in question is KB4520062, which is not mandatory download. The company’s researchers are still studying the problem to try to give it a solution and it will be operational by mid-November.

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