Four reasons why models never smile on the catwalk

At the time of Paris Fashion Week, after seeing parades and parades, only one seems to be the constant: the models always remain serious, impenetrable, with their eyes straight ahead. Why?

During the Paris fashion week it seems to surprise us the strength of the 70s or the return of the looks of the 90s, but almost no one, by force of being used to it, asks why the models do not smile in the runway.

There were times, especially before the 90s, when the models danced with their eyes among the public, they smiled and even wiggled their hips, but everything changed with a more massive industry that stopped making true beauty muses models. So why do models look so impenetrable? Even to the point that children when they see their faces in the catalogs link them with death, sadness, drunkenness as this experiment demonstrated.

These are some of the compelling reasons for the smile not to appear on the catwalk.

1. We connect impenetrable faces with people with status

For centuries the European aristocracy echoed its blue blood and its lineage shining in the portraits made by the painters of them serious, firm and arrogant. By virtue of seeing images of important gentlemen and ladies always with their mouths shut and their noses raised, society inherited ideas that an impenetrable look was directly related to the upper social classes. The evidence of this is not only in the hundreds of paintings that exhibited in museums show us the imperturbability of the face of those privileged who posed (only the rich agreed to have their own portraitist), but more recent studies, find that the marks of Luxury use serious models in their advertising because we still effectively link that expression to someone who is superior in status.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

2. If you wear a crazy outfit and smile, what will the public think?

Fashion is challenging, it dislocates proportions, many ways are invented to make beauty look weird and unconventional. However, when we see the models go out on the catwalk so convinced of what they are wearing, so sure of themselves, without making visual contacts seeking approval, without smiling, those designs are legitimized. If a model smiles wearing one of the suits of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada or Rei Kawakubo more than one we would be tempted to think that what she is wearing is a joke, a costume.

3. Smiling would be an expression of personality and models should avoid this at all costs.

What the catwalks are about, that invention that has been in force since 1894 when Charles F. Worth invited them, is to make the clients and shoppers observe the clothes before acquiring it, so at the beginning this exhibition was done on mannequins, then , they realized that in real bodies with movement the clothes could be better appreciated and thus captivate more cravings. But the role of the model remains the same, that of an anonymous body, without personality or self-expression that serves an end, to make the designer’s clothes and imprint look.


Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

4. “I’m not looking for your approval” the models seem to say

A smile is universally a sign that you can create an interaction or a conversation but the models and more than them, designers do not want to submit their clothes to that scrutiny, so with their faces the models are keeping you away. They impávidas, serious, with the look strictly on the front seem full of confidence about what they are wearing and stay out of the expressions, whispers and accusations of the public, after all, modeling is a job.

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