Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer: Who is the most tennis player in history?

Rafael Nadal was only one Grand Slam of the 20 Majors of Roger Federer. These are the statistics of the two great players in the most important tournaments of the ATP circuit

In the valuable hard track of the US Open, Rafael Nadal has given a definitive blow in search of becoming the most winning tennis in history. The fervent face of the Spaniard, which reflects the superhuman effort to move forward with a final of four hours and 49 minutes against the Russian Daniil Medvedev, foreshadows one more challenge ahead, and is to reach Roger Federer with 20 Grand Slam titles.

In the midst of the emotional breath of the people, Nadal rests a while more seated to contemplate each one of his 19 titles of Grand Slam that already has in his showcases. The Balearic can not stand the tears, it was an agonizing victory in five sets against a magnificent and brave Medvedev.

Very excited, Nadal reflects and realizes that there is only one conquest of emulating the 20 Majors that Roger Federer holds, with whom he stars in the greatest duel in the history of tennis. The debate of who is the best never ended, but now it is more current than ever.

Be it your favorite Spanish or Swiss, the only thing that is tangible in this eternal discussion are the titles and victories of both legends. Despite being very close in this regard, Nadal (33 years) has a better picture, considering that Federer (38) is closer to the end of his career. Therefore, the incredible and admirable rhythm of Rafa could allow an advantage over ‘His Majesty’ in the next Grand Slams to be played from now on.

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