The most popular Superfoods: Benefits and Properties

A quick look at the most popular superfoods: properties, indications and uses

In our Superfoods report we talk about the pros and cons, the arguments alleged by defenders and detractors and our final conclusion about the use of superfoods .

On this occasion, we talk about the most popular superfoods , benefits, indications and contraindications of each of them, so that you know them a little more:


Unicellular organism widely used in the past by numerous civilizations and currently very popular and consumed in the US and Japan.

    • Featured Nutrients : Proteins , Minerals , Vitamin A and Group B Vitamins
    • Indications : Slimming , obesity , cholesterol , diabetes , hair loss , insomnia , immune system, sexual desire
    • Side effects : May cause dizziness, constipation or diarrhea, stomach ache or fever
    • Contraindications : In case of pregnancy consult a specialist
    • Uses : A teaspoon of powdered spirulina dessert in shakes, cooked, sauces

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Root native to Peru with numerous medicinal applications:

    • Featured nutrients : Carbohydrates ( fiber ), vitamin C , vitamins of group B, richness of minerals and trace elements
    • Indications : Menopause , immune system , osteoporosis , infertility, tuberculosis, endocrine system, memory and depression
    • Side effects : May cause detoxification symptoms such as diarrhea, headache or stomach ache, malaise, etc.
    • Contraindications : Do not use during pregnancy and lactation or if you are taking antidepressants
    • Uses : Use the root in broths, soups, cooked, etc. or supplements (1 to 3g)


Berry of a wild palm native to Brazil and other countries in northern South America that stands out for its antioxidant properties:

    • Featured nutrients : Fiber, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, calcium , iron , essential fatty acids , anthocyanins and other antioxidants
    • Indications : Wrinkles , diet athletes , stress , cholesterol , diarrhea, hemorrhages, arthritis , cancer , heart disease
    • Side effects and contraindications : Not known. Consult with a specialist in case of pregnancy and lactation
    • Uses : Take fresh berries or supplements (from 200mg to 1500mg)

Chia seeds

Seeds of a plant of the Lamiaceae family from Central America used for more than 6000 years by indigenous tribes.

    • Featured nutrients : Fiber, amino acids , omega 3 , vitamin A, calcium and other minerals, antioxidant elements
    • Indications : Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension , cancer, diabetes, memory and concentration, digestive system
    • Side effects : Because of its richness in fiber it can cause flatulence or diarrhea.
    • Contraindications : Do not take with aspirin or medications for hypertension, anticoagulants or diabetes, or in case of hypotension , diarrhea or after surgery in the intestine.
    • Uses : Take one or two teaspoons of dessert with a glass of water or in any stew

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One of the most beautiful and richest fruits in vitamins and antioxidant elements with great medicinal power:

    • Featured nutrients : Vitamins ( C , B1 , B3 , folic acid , Vitamin E ) and antioxidant compounds (flavonoids, anthocyanins, etc.)
    • Indications : Immune system, cancer, aging, heart disease, infertility, detoxify the body , digestive properties
    • Side effects : Excess may cause gastrointestinal ailments
    • Contraindications : It is contraindicated in hypotension, diabetes and hypoglycemia or in case of allergy
    • Uses : Include grains in salads or desserts

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Hemp seeds

Extracted from the Cannabis plant, they are, fundamentally, great restorative with anti-inflammatory properties:

    • Featured Nutrients : Essential Fatty Acids, Proteins, Fiber, Iron and Magnesium
    • Indications : Inflammatory conditions, arthritis, anemia, dermatitis , fibromyalgia, diets for athletes, osteoporosis, to improve intestinal flora , concentration and memory
    • Side effects : May cause mild diarrhea
    • Contraindications : If anticoagulant medicines are taken,
    • Uses : Add a tablespoon to all types of stews

Marine Phytoplankton

Unicellular plants, the first food on earth, rich in nutrients that provides extraordinary energy. The so-called “breast milk” of the earth:

    • Featured nutrients : Omega 3, proteins, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and chlorophyll
    • Indications : Brain and neurological function, cardiovascular health, cholesterol and diabetes, eye vision, dermatitis, psoriasis , lack of energy
    • Side effects : May cause detoxification effects such as intestinal discomfort, diarrhea, rash, etc:
    • Uses : 1 to 2g per day in a glass of water with lemon or in vegetable juices

Remember that, regardless of the convenience of introducing superfoods in the diet, there is no better way to maintain health than to follow a balanced diet with plenty and variety of fresh seasonal foods, exercise smart , get enough rest and control emotions … The real secret of longevity!

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